Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)
Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)

Teverun Fighter 11+ (App Enabled)

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Packed with an insane dual 2500W Motors powered by a 60V 35ah LG Battery, this next level machine is sure to turn heads. In addition to its all around powerful performance, the Teverun Fighter 11+ comes absolutely loaded with features including a 3.5'' TFT Display, Steering Damper, Programmable LED Lights, Adjustable Suspension, Dual Hydraulic Brakes, and NFC Security just to name a few. 

If all of those features aren't enough, our Teverun Fighter 11+ will be outfitted with the New Teverun App Technology which allows you to see real time diagnostics, battery management, parameter controls,  and full light controls.

The aggressively sleek styling, insane power, and next generation tech make the Teverun Fighter 11+ a must have for anyone who wants everything in one scooter. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joel Dammel
One of the best scooters on the market

The Fighter 11+ is a monster.
- Insane acceleration
- Insane top speed
- Insane range. When I first got it, I really pushed the scooter to the limits seeing what it could do, and I got about 33 miles on a single charge. If you keep the speed at like 35 MPH and under, no doubt you can get 50+ miles per charge.
- Tackles hills, even steep ones, with ease.
- Build quality is top notch. Very solid scooter, better than expected. Stem is pretty solid, little to no movement.
- Adjustable shocks work fairly well. Makes for pretty comfortable riding.
- Deck size is massive, plenty of room for comfortable foot placement, and I wear size 12 shoes.
- Screen is large and clear, easy to see what the display says even during the day.
- Adjustable steering dampener works very well.

- The brakes work extremely well to a fault. The stopping power is fantastic, but the initial "bite" is a little to much. Makes for abrupt braking, but not in a good way. Honestly not the end of the world, really not that big of a deal, utilizing that front leg as a brace pretty mush solves the issue. Just wish the initial "bite" was dialed back a bit.
- The app. Almost feels pointless. The app offers tons of important features, but nothing that couldn't have been added to the display. It's just one more thing to have to screw with. Also, it doesn't save light settings. The important stuff, yes it does. But for some reason the lights are controlled via the app, and the customization doesn't save. Every time you turn the scooter off and on, you need to redo everything. Very annoying, but also not the end of the world. Honestly, if brought to Teverun's attention, I believe that is something they could remedy via a firmware update.
-Headlight is a tad disappointing. It's pretty weak. May want to invest in a secondary light to help with the night riding.

That's about all I can think of right now. Overall, the scooter is fantastic. In my opinion, it's one of the best bang-for-your-buck options on the market right now. I bought it specifically for city commuting, and it can do that, and then some, no problem. I am extremely glad I decided on it, no regrets. If you're in the market, the Fighter 11+ should definitely be high on your list of options.

Keeian Bolar
They are currently helping me with my issue

Right now, i am working with the rydology team to find a fix about an issue for my stem led lights not working on the scooter even though they reassured me that this was fixed before selling me the scooter 😕 for 3k i am currently not happy.

Review below:

The teverun Fighter 11+ app enabled is a great scooter, I've been using it to get to work and around the city it's been a nice smooth ride, I love the on the go adjustable suspension and the steering dampner to prevent speed woble and its got some nice swag lights.

I will add photos and update my review once all issues are fixed unless I have to do a return.