About Us


At Rydology we have a passion for bringing electric micro transportation to the masses. Our passion is finding the perfect solution for everyone, whether you're a microcommuter looking to find a solution to traffic and parking or an advanced enthusiast looking for the next best thing to tear up a mountain with. With all of these scenarios in mind we've done exhaustive research to bring you some of the best manufacturers in the business. All of our partners are US based, use the finest quality parts, and stand 100% behind their products. These amazing companies share the same passion Rydology does in their relentless pursuit to bring you the best electric scooters money can buy.


At Rydology, our precision is all about bringing our customers the best platform for a tailored electric scooter buying process. Regardless of speed, distance, weight, or load capacity, our product lineup is carefully laid out for customers to have the piece of mind knowing that whatever electric scooter ends up on their doorstep, it exactly what they want and need.  


At Rydology, our purpose is simple...save our planet and have fun doing it. An electric scooter is a super fun and practical way to get around town without damaging our planet.