Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+
Blade 10 GT+

Blade 10 GT+

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  • Ready to ship January 2023

Pre Order Now! Our next shipment is arriving at our Seattle, WA warehouse in early January!!!

The Blade 10 GT+ is the perfect city conquering machine. With its massive 60V 30ah LG battery and dual 1500W motors, the Blade 10 GT+ is packed with jarring performance and excellent range.

Not to be outdone by its competitors, the Blade GT+ has front and rear adjustable spring suspensions, steering damper, dual sinewave controllers, and 11 x 3 inch pneumatic tires giving it superior ride comfort and capability.

The Blade GT+ also boasts impressive styling and rider comforts like a massive 3.5in. handlebar display that puts performance metrics and settings clearly into view, an NFC card reader and backup key lock for protection, handlebar thumb throttle, and eye popping LED lights front/rear/deck to make sure you're safe and seen at night.

If that incredible list of features wasn't enough the Blade GT+ comes in at a better price than similar models and with a full 1 year front to back warranty.

As the leading US distributor of the Blade GT+ we work directly with the manufacturer allowing us the ability to provide you with best in class support before and after you’re on the road. Fully stocked with a wide variety of parts in our Seattle warehouse, we can make sure you get what you need, when you need it, without having to wait weeks for both answers and solutions.

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We guarantee all our scooters are of the highest quality and built by the best manufacturers in the industry. We stand behind our products and services by performing a 12-step safety and quality inspection on every scooter, and promise to address any of your questions or repair needs in under 12 hours.

Keeping you safe and happy is paramount to who we are, and if you should ever feel that we’ve fallen short of our promises, let us know! If we can’t find a resolution we will credit you back the purchase of your scooter.

Rydology stands by our products and offers a 1 Year Hassle Free Warranty on all our scooters. Peace of mind and a hassle free riding experience is our ultimate goal. To that end, our warranty process is as simple and streamlined as possible for when you need us.

Our Warranty covers the following:




*Electronic Systems

Our warranty period begins the day of confirmed delivery.

Cases we do not cover:

Modifications of any sort, water damage, consumables (tires, brake pads, grip tape, etc), wear & tear, minor cosmetic scratches, collision, and abuse are not covered under warranty.

* Labor is not included in any warranty situation.

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52 MPH
50 Miles
77 lbs
265 lbs
The Blade 10 GT+ comes loaded out of the box

No Upgrades Needed

The Blade 10 GT+ comes with every upgrade riders want in one place. Steering Damper, 11'' puncture proof tires, thumb throttle, 3.5'' TFT Screen, adjustable suspension, NFC cards, and more. No need to go shopping for add ons, the Blade 10 GT+ already has you covered.

Blade GT+
The Industry's largest display

No more squinting

The Blade 10 GT+ comes with an industry leading 3.5'' TFT display that allows the rider to clearly see everything important day or night, rain or shine. Capable of adjusting speed, power, current, gearing, and much more on the fly, the TFT display is the ultimate in display technology.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gary Ransome

The Blade GT+ is everything I wanted in an electric scooter, good build quality, aesthetically pleasing, fantastic power, great acceleration, good braking, smooth riding especially going over bumps in the road and once you dial in the P settings to your riding style you're all set. Highly recommend! I am very pleased and happy to have purchased this scooter from Rydology and their quick delivery.

Not good, GREAT!!!

Hands down, this thing is AWESOME. An UNREGRETABLE purchase.
Too much fun and exhilaration in on package.
I usually won't buy things I can't find value in. But the Blade GT, "I'd pay for that"
Thanks Eric for your impeccable customer service and consistent communication.
RYDOLOGY for the Win !!!

This is the absolute best E scooter you can buy for 2300 dollars bar None.

I have 500 miles on the Blade Gt and it's been an absolute power house. The acceleration is comparable to my Nami Burn e 2 max on the third gear out of five sport mode. If you look at the spec sheet the blade in terms of wattage is about 70% of the Nami which in my testing is pretty accurate. My max speed so far has been 50.4mph at 240 pounds with gear on. For half the price of the Nami this an absolute steal. The display is beautiful honestly it's better looking in my option than the Nami burn e and probably the best looking display on the market. The adjustable stem length is pretty good too I had to fully extend the stem and it was the perfect height for me. I'm 6 feet tall exactly and I'm 6 foot 1 in boots and it was perfect for me. The turn signals are usable visable from the front and the back and the adjustable suspension is pretty crazy on a 2300$ scooter. The battery on this scooter is really good too. I get about 40 miles of range on this scooter but I ride extremely aggressively at 240 pounds. My lighter friend with less aggressive riding was able to get 60 miles of range out of it. This scooter has the specs of a dualtron strom for half the price and a better display and suspension it's almost crimmial that ESG hasn't done a review on this scooter! My only gripe on this scooter is that the head light steering steering damper screw was too short to install. I had to take a trip to the hardware store to find a longer screw and my friend had the exact same issue on his Blade Gt. In summary the best e scooter for 2300$ plenty of power plenty of range plenty and plenty of style!

Jeffery Burton
This scooter is awesome

The response is great, couldn’t ask for a better scooter for the price

Shana davis
Product exceed expectations

Blade gt+ a burn up road ask any car tire...😆 🤣 😂

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