Best VSETT Accessories

Best VSETT Accessories

Now that you've got your sweet new ride, it's time to trick it out!

The VSETT lineup of scooters are impressively designed and fully capable out of the box, but that still won't stop the worldwide community of enthusiasts from swapping, upgrading, and even designing their own parts to take their favorite VSETT to the next level. 

In this article, we'll be exploring some of the coolest accessories for your favorite PEV and where to get them. From Steering Dampers to Deck Slides, there are a ton of cool products out there to individualize and optimize your VSETT.

#1 Steering Damper

Amongst the VSETT community, the number one upgrade people go for is a steering damper. The steering damper will mitigate the often felt and never wanted wobbling in the front end that happens at high speeds. There are a ton of manufacturers, sellers, and designs out there. Below are a couple of versions most commonly found on the VSETTs. They can set you back $179-249

Evo Design Steering Damper

Matris Carbon Fiber Steering Damper


#2 Shocks

 When it comes to the overall suspension and feel of the VSETTs, they're second to none. The ride comfort and road adaptability regardless of rider weight is fantastic, but like everything else, there's always room for improvement and modification. Depending on your budget (and weight) there are a few ways you can go. Below are some of the most popular shock upgrades. 

EXA 291R popular for their affordability and recoil control

Rock Shox Monarch Shock

As you look into shocks, there is one key point to keep in mind. If you plan on using your VSETT in rougher terrain, then air shocks are not for you. If an air shock fails, it is total failure. With the oil shocks like the 291R, if the failure happens, you will still have the spring to break the impact. Each rider is different in expectation and usage, but that distinction is worth noting. Also, as mentioned before, your weight will dictate which shocks you'll need. Reference the chart below if interested in the EXA 291R shocks.

#3 Tires

Although VSETT scooters are known for their superior build quality, their tires certainly are not. Sure, you'll be able to get around just fine, but don't count on them long term. With tires, there are a few things to consider when upgrading. What kind of riding will you be doing? Is road noise/comfort important to you? After you've answered those 2 questions you can start your tire shopping journey. Below are some examples.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best city riding tires are the PMT E-fires. They offer excellent traction, glide across the pavement, and make virtually no noise. These will set you back $70-90 each.

PMT E-Fire 10x3

Semi Off-Road

If you can't decide whether you want to conquer your city or tear up a mountain this will be a good option for you. These will give you the knobby look and ability without sacrificing too much in the way of road noise and on pavement traction. These you can find for $40-60 each

10x3 Semi Off-Road Tire

 Off Road

Road noise and on pavement comfort be damned, I want knobby to the max to kick up some dirt! Sound familiar? Then Off-Road tires are for you. The will set you back $40-60 each

10x3 Off-Road Tire

#4 Handelbars

The VSETT stock handlebars are designed with portability in mind. While foldable handlebars do making transporting your scooter and breaking it down easier, it sacrifices overall sturdiness when riding. Beyond sturdiness, a complaint made by some riders is that it makes mounting your favorite accessory difficult because the folding mechanism and the functional parts for the scooter leave little surface area for things like phones, GPS, and axillary lights. Because of these factors, many riders have opted for a more traditional solid handlebar. Below are a few of the top rated options for replacement. 

***Note: Stock is 645MM Length and 31.8MM Mount

Spank Spike Vibrocore 800 (Retails for $115-129)

Acekit 720mm 31.8mm (Retails for $30-$40)

#5 Upgraded Brakes

When it comes to the brakes, there is much debate about how to upgrade and if you need to at all. Among VSETT owners, there are truly varied opinions on how much one has to spend to see a difference. The cost will also depend largely on what brakes you received on your scooter from the factory. For the sake of argument, let's go over upgrades from Beginner (cheap) to Pro (expensive).

1. The Beginner: Replace the stock brake rotors with 160MM rotors made by a respected bike brand. These will usually run you about $20-25 each to upgrade and will make a substantial difference in modulation and overall responsiveness. 

Note: You'll need to get caliper adapters as well to make them fit. Size 160 Shimano Brake Caliper Adapters

Shimano SLX SM-RT66 Disc Brake Rotor

2. The Intermediate: If your scooter came with the stock VSETT/Zoom brakes and you wish to upgrade to something a little more substantial, you can upgrade with a NUTT brake retrofit kit. This upgrade will set you back about $180-229

3. The Pro: Despite many saying emphatically that NUTT is better than ZOOM, there is no agreement as to how much better. If you want to put that to bed quickly and enjoy superior stopping power, then the Magura MT5E or MT7E Pro braking systems are your upgrade of choice. This upgrade will set you back $250-300


For all of us that ride the VSETT scooters, there is an endless list of cool upgrades, accessories, gadgets, and gizmos, but these 5 items are a must if you really want to maximize the potential of your VSETT scooter and truly take it next level. Keeping yourself safe and your scooter in top shape is paramount to all of us and nobody wants to do the dreaded walk of shame with a busted scooter or a flat tire. Get yourself some accessories and conquer every mile of your city.


Happy Riding!

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