Are electric scooters safe?

Are Electric Scooters Safe?

One of the most important questions asked by anyone interested in purchasing an electric scooter is safety. Are electric scooters safe?

In short, not always.

Woah, did we just say that? Absolutely! When considering electric scooter safety here are some key points you need to know before buying a scooter:


A great manufacturer cares about building quality products engineered for safety and longevity. Ensure your electric scooter manufacturer builds high quality products by purchasing from trusted sources.


Many manufacturers and retailers offer warranties on their scooters. The best electric scooter manufacturers stand behind their products with warranties upwards of 12 months. If you don't see a warranty it most likely means the manufacturer doesn't trust the safety of their own product. Yikes!


Will you ride at night? Reflective plates or built-in lights will help improve visible at night. Will you ride on rough or rocky terrain? Pneumatic tires and shocks can help reduce the impact of a rough road and improve your ability to ride. Will you ride in the rain or on wet surfaces? Many scooters are rated for water resistance and can better handle wet surfaces. The answers to these questions and more will help you decide the key safety features you should look for in a scooter.

At Rydology we only sell the highest quality scooters with excellent safety ratings. If you're thinking about purchasing an electric scooter we have the best selection of scooters on the market today.

If you have any questions or need help picking the perfect scooter contact us today!

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