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The OKAI Neon is the next generation in a long line of best in class commuter scooters by OKAI. The Neon is for the rider looking for a totally customizable riding experience. The OKAI Neon comes equipped with two distinct light bars that bring something unique by allowing the rider to change their colors to fit their own personal style. In addition to customizable lighting effects, it also comes with a circular LED display that allows the rider to change its theme using the OKAI app. 

If the the ultra cool lighting and display features weren't enough, the OKAI Neon comes loaded with features for the ultimate in commuting comfort. Equipped with a 500W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, puncture proof tires, and a uniquely engineered hidden suspension, the OKAI Neon is what you need to make your last mile an adventure.  

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* Labor is not included in any warranty situation.

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16 MPH
25 Miles
35 lbs
220 lbs
Customize to fit your unique style

Be Unique

The OKAI Neon lives up to its name. The rider has the ability through state of the art customization to make the OKAI Neon a moving billboard of individuality via its light bars and LED display. Don't go unnoticed, go Neon.

Portability meets impressive engineering

Impressive Engineering

The OKAI neon boasts an impressive list of features that will make your riding experience one to remember. With its IPX5 rating and incredible engineering packed into a 35 pound total weight, the OKAI Neon is the pinnacle of commuting excellence.

Customer Reviews

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Good for short distance trips (Edit to my review where I thought the battery died without warning)

This is an update to my review where I thought the battery had died without warning, but it had actually been accidentally switched to "Pedestrian" mode (E icon shown on screen). You double press the power button to switch between "Pedestrian (E)", "Low (L)" and "High (H)" modes.

I see now that it wasn't low on battery, but it got switched to "Pedestrian mode" with the E icon flashing. I even looked up the manual and the E icon was not listed under the icons section.

I must have accidentally triggered it. The dots also are not obvious that they are a battery indicator, which is why I assumed the battery was low. The inability to access the app reinforced that assumption.

I still stand by the belief that the requirement to make an account and stay signed in to access advanced functions of a piece of hardware I paid for is utter BS. I still can't get access to it because it keeps saying "device is bound" but won't let me access anymore.

Other than the Pedestrian Mode confusion, the only real downside is that it's slow to turn, but you can just brake. Also, its range seems to be more like 8-10 miles, at least on the full power mode. After 3 trips to and from work, it was down to about 35% power. My work is about 1 mile distance from my home. As long as I charge it every 2 days (or before a longer trip), it's good. The max speed is closer to 12-13 MPH (as shown on the scooter's screen).

The braking reaction time is okay. Not terrible, but not great. If there's a tight turn or a tight winding path, you'll need to slow down in advance to make the turns.

I have not tested riding in the rain since it says it is water resistant and not water proof and I'd rather not risk it.


I was riding home when my scooter suddenly stopped running without warning that it was low on battery nor a battery indicator on the scooter. To add insult to injury, I can't even use it like a scooter because it brakes itself automatically if you try to manually push.

I hadn't checked the battery because it doesn't show on the screen and the crappy app had logged me out and was giving me issues trying to log back in. I finally got in with a new account, and it won't connect to the scooter. Why do I need a login to access the functions of the scooter I paid for and why wasn't there any kind of alert when it was getting low on battery?


Jordan, we're sorry to hear the OKAI Neon isn't what you expected. Being stranded far from your destination with a dead scooter is every rider's fear. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience.

As for the battery indicator, if you look at the product pictures on our site you'll see pictures of the small display. This small display has a small line of dots along the bottom. These dots represent the current charge level.

If you're not seeing this on your OKAI please reach out! We would love to help get you back out riding.